Company formations

How to start:

  • You choose the method of establishment: with your authorized capital (you order only the establishment service) or with ours (you buy an established company).
  • Please send us your new company name and we will check if you can use it.
  • Please let us know if you need accounting services.

1. The price of the new company establishment service: 150 eur.

  • Formation of authorized capital (standart UAB – 2500 EUR) - formed by the client.
  • The establishment is done on behalf of the client.
  • Rates of the State Enterprise Center of Registers for legal entities registration services are paid by the client.

2. Private limited liability company with UAB „Vakarų finansai“ authorised  capital 2500 EUR: 400 eur.

  • State Enterprise Centre of Registers expenses for registration of the company name will be paid by UAB „Vakarų finansai“.
  • The notary fee - from 60 EUR (notary is required if the establishment is carried out with our authorized capital). 

Advantages  of establishing in our company :

  1. Formation of authorized capital (standart UAB – 2500 EUR).
  2. Saving your time we always coordinate by phone, ZOOM and e-mail. 
  3. You will need to meet us only in a notary office on the day of the shares purchase-sale transaction (if you choose a company with our authorized capital).
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